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TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes Textured Male Masturbator

  • TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes Textured Male Masturbator
  • TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes Textured Male Masturbator

Tight-Gripping Stimulation

The TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes Masturbator offers tight-gripping stimulation that will take your pleasure to new heights. Get lost in the maze-like patterns of the protruding cubes in the sleeve, offering soft, textured glides on your way to blast-off! Watch through the transparent sleeve as your penis enters the mysterious pleasure path filled with colourful, bumpy shapes.

Unique Sensations

Unlike the sensations offered by a hand, butt, or vagina, the TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes Masturbator provides a unique experience. The soft elastomer combined with firmer Crazy Cubes creates contrasting sensations, giving you the best of both worlds. Adjust the firmness of your grip while stroking to fully experience the stimulation from the soft material and elastic pieces.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning this masturbator is a breeze. Turn the soft sleeve inside out and rinse it with water to clean out the remaining fluids. It’s closed at the tip, so you never have to worry about mess. The included lube ensures a smooth glide as you experience the incredible sensations of the sleeve.

Intense Sensations

TENGA’s slick, reusable masturbator is loaded with knobbly, bobbly textured cubes that add extra intensity when you squeeze them during play. Pop open the case and remove the stand from inside your masturbator to get started. When you’re through playing, simply turn it inside out to wash and dry before replacing it on the stand to dry until next time. It stretches to engulf you up to 6.5 inches deep, making it perfect for solo play or additional foreplay fun with a partner.

Experience the dynamic stimulation of the TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes Textured Male Masturbator and reach the peak of satisfaction with every use. Apply a generous coat of water-based lubricant for the best experience and dive into a world of bouncing, bounding, and bumping sensations!

TENGA Bobble Crazy Cubes Textured Male Masturbator Details:

  • Length: 5.5 Inches.
  • Depth: 5 Inches.
  • Diameter: 2 Inches.
  • Range: TENGA, Bobble, Crazy Cubes, BOB-001, 4570030977802.
  • Texture variations available.
  • A Fun Texture Male Masturbator.