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PUMP WORX Pro-Gauge Power Pump

  • PUMP WORX Pro-Gauge Power Pump
  • PUMP WORX Pro-Gauge Power Pump

PUMP WORX Pro-Gauge Power Pump – Achieve Thicker, Stronger Erections

Do you want an erection that matches your virility? The PUMP WORX Pro-Gauge Power Pump is here to help you achieve the powerful, throbbing erection you’ve always dreamed of. This professional-grade penis pump is a safe, affordable, non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills.

Instantly Enlarge Your Penis

The Pro-Gauge Power Pump is designed to give you quick results. Simply insert your penis into the vacuum cylinder tube, squeeze the EZ-grip handle, and watch as your cock gets bigger and thicker than ever before. The soft PVC sleeve forms a perfectly tight seal against the skin, creating a powerful vacuum that forces your erection to quickly expand and swell with power.

Easy Monitoring and Control

With a clear vacuum cylinder, you can see your cock grow with each squeeze of the lever. The easy-read gauge lets you know how much pressure you’ve pumped, ensuring you stay in control. The precision pressure gauge allows you to monitor your progress and view the exact amount of vacuum pressure being applied. When you’ve reached your desired size, simply push the quick-release trigger on the top of the handle to instantly relieve the pressure.

Durable and Safe Construction

The Pro-Gauge Power Pump is made from thick, heavy-grade acrylic, providing durability and reliability. The cylinder is marked with both UK metric and US standard graduations to measure your growth accurately. The kit also includes an enhancement ring to help maintain your erection and prolong ejaculation.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Clean-up is a breeze with the Pro-Gauge Power Pump. Simply detach the cylinder from the hose and wash with Pump Worx Toy Cleaner and warm water. The durable materials ensure long-lasting use and easy maintenance.

Pump up your performance and enjoy the erection you’ve always wanted with the PUMP WORX Pro-Gauge Power Pump. This easy-to-use, professional-grade penis pump offers quick results, precise control, and durable construction. Whether for solo pleasure or a potent treat for your partner, the Pro-Gauge Power Pump delivers the powerful, lasting erections you crave.

PUMP WORX Pro-Gauge Power Pump Details:

  • Length: 9 Inches (21 cm).
  • Insertable Length: 7.75 Inches (19 cm).
  • Range: pipedream, PUMP WORX, Pro-Gauge Power Pump, PD3151-23, 603912755404.
  • Style variations available.
  • Power Cock Pump with Gauge with Flexible Cock Ring.