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PDX ELITE MOTO-MILKER Automatic Male Masturbator

  • PDX ELITE MOTO-MILKER Automatic Male Masturbator
  • PDX ELITE MOTO-MILKER Automatic Male Masturbator

Get Drained with the PDX ELITE MOTO-MILKER Automatic Masturbator

Let the PDX ELITE MOTO-MILKER Masturbator drain your balls while you sit back and enjoy. This innovative device takes wanking to a whole new level with its powerful intermittent thrusting, customizable vibrations, and ultra-soft sleeve designed to pamper your senses like never before.

Customized Stimulation

The MOTO-MILKER features intermittent suction technology powered by an ultra-strong motor, offering 10 deep, pleasing thrusting modes. Experience hands-free pleasure as the device automatically strokes your hard cock up and down, creating sensations beyond your wildest dreams. With 10 modes of vibration and 9 modes of thrusting, you can personalize your pleasure and tailor the experience to suit your mood.

Ultra-Soft Sleeve

Indulge in the extraordinary feel of the ultra-soft sleeve, which caresses your penis with every stroke from the powerful motor. The round nubbies wrap around your shaft, enhancing stimulation while the MOTO-MILKER automatically strokes and vibrates for mind-blowing pleasure.

Convenient and Easy to Clean

This automatic male milker is USB rechargeable, ensuring it’s ready whenever you are. Simply recharge with the included charging cord for hours of enjoyment. Cleaning is a breeze with the magnetic sleeve, which can be easily detached for sanitization. Use antibacterial cleaner and warm water for a thorough clean, ensuring your device remains hygienic and ready for your next draining.

Experience the Ultimate Pleasure

Take your wanking to new heights with the PDX ELITE MOTO-MILKER. Whether you’re craving powerful thrusting, customizable vibrations, getting your balls drained or ultra-soft stimulation, this device has you covered.

Experience the ultimate milking experience with the PDX ELITE MOTO-MILKER Automatic Male Masturbator. Indulge in a mind-blowing draining every time.

PDX ELITE MOTO-MILKER Automatic Male Masturbator Details:

  • Length: 9.7 Inches.
  • Inner Depth: 4.3 Inches.
  • Inner Diameter: 1.1 Inches.
  • Range: pipedream, PDX ELITE, MOTO-MILKER, RD546, 603912774603.
  • Style variations available.
  • Automatic Cock Milker for Men.