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FANTASY X-TENSIONS Mega 3″ Extension Penis Extender

  • FANTASY X-TENSIONS Mega 3″ Extension Penis Extender
  • FANTASY X-TENSIONS Mega 3″ Extension Penis Extender

Transform your intimate experiences with the FANTASY X-TENSIONS Mega 3″ Extension. Designed to give you porn-star proportions, this realistic penis extender offers an extra 3 inches in length and a whopping 66% increase in girth, ensuring you and your partner enjoy intensified pleasure.

Realistic Feel with Fanta Flesh® Material

Crafted from soft Fanta Flesh material, the Mega 3″ Extension provides a lifelike feel that mimics the texture and warmth of real skin. The velvet-soft material is temperature-responsive, offering an incredibly realistic and comfortable experience during play.

Swollen Head and Veiny Shaft for Enhanced Stimulation

Featuring a swollen head and veiny shaft, this penis extender provides your partner with orgasmic internal stimulation. The lifelike design enhances pleasure for both partners, making each thrust more intense and satisfying.

Customisable and Snug Fit

The FANTASY X-TENSIONS Mega 3″ Extension is designed for a customizable fit. Easily trim the base to achieve the perfect fit for you. The super-stretchy material accommodates most sizes, while ensuring a snug fit to help you last longer and maintain control during exploration.

Easy-to-Use Erection Enhancer

Developed as a safe, affordable, and non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills, the penis extender is perfect for men with erectile dysfunction or performance problems. It delivers results that both partners will love, boosting your confidence and enhancing your pleasure rod to satisfying lengths and girths.

Optimum Comfort with Water-Based Lubricant

For the best experience, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the outside and inside surfaces of the cock extension. This ensures optimum comfort and pleasure, making each moment more enjoyable.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

After use, clean with warm water and a sex toy cleaner to maintain its hygiene and quality. Dusting with renewing powder helps to preserve its real-feel texture for long-lasting enjoyment.

Experience ultimate pleasure and boost your confidence with the pipedream FANTASY X-TENSIONS Mega 3″ Extension. Offering an extra 3 inches in length, 66% increase in girth, and a realistic feel with Fanta Flesh® material, this penis extender is designed to enhance your intimate experiences. With its customizable fit, easy-to-use design, and easy maintenance, the Mega 3″ Extension is the perfect choice for men looking to satisfy their partners and themselves.

pipedream FANTASY X-TENSIONS Mega 3″ Extension Penis Extender Details:

  • Length: 9 Inches.
  • Internal Length: 6 Inches.
  • Circumference: 6.25 Inches.
  • Range: pipedream, FANTASY X-TENSIONS, Mega 3″ Extension, PD4115-21, 603912345728.
  • Size variations available.
  • Three Inch Penis Extender.