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COLT ANAL DOUCHE Anal Cleansing Kit 200ml

  • COLT ANAL DOUCHE Anal Cleansing Kit 200ml
  • COLT ANAL DOUCHE Anal Cleansing Kit 200ml
  • COLT ANAL DOUCHE Anal Cleansing Kit 200ml

Essential Cleansing and Pleasure Combined

The COLT 200ml Anal Douche combines essential anal cleansing with pleasurable sensations, making your hygiene routine an enjoyable part of your play. This top-quality douche features a detachable pleasure tip with 5 ribs, designed to deliver thrilling internal stimulation as you clean.

Adjustable and Versatile

With a capacity of approximately 200ml, the COLT ANAL DOUCHE allows you to control the amount of liquid dispensed using its adjustable tip. You can use the douche without the attachment for functional cleansing, or with the ribbed attachment for added internal pleasure. Always coat the nozzle with plenty of water-based lube before use for maximum comfort.

Easy-to-Use and Safe

The COLT ANAL DOUCHE is crafted from high-quality ABS and rubber, ensuring both safety and durability. The EZ squeeze bulb makes it easy to use, while the dual attachments provide versatile cleaning options. The douche disassembles effortlessly for thorough cleaning, making it a reusable and long-lasting addition to your hygiene routine.

Built for Power and Pleasure

Designed for both power and pleasure, the COLT ANAL DOUCHE ensures a hygienically superior cleaning experience. Whether you’re preparing for an anal adventure or simply maintaining cleanliness, this man-sized cleansing system is built to make douche play easier and more exciting.

Stay Clean and Stimulated

Don’t let an accident spoil the mood. Sex is best when it’s clean, and with the COLT ANAL DOUCHE, you get a body-safe, hygienically superior cleaning system that enhances your pleasure. Make your anal adventures more exciting and comfortable with the COLT ANAL DOUCHE Anal Cleansing Kit 200ml, available now.


  • Volume: 200ml.
  • Collection: CalExotics, COLT, ANAL DOUCHE, SE-6875-00-3, 716770031471.
  • Also from COLT is the COLT THE GUYSER Anal Douche, with a different nozzle.
  • Ribbed Anal Douche.